New Twitter account for even more wildlife sightings!

Our main Twitter account, @wildlife_uk, has got very busy over the last month or so. We are now not able to re-tweet all photos sent into us and unfortunately dozens of mentions can be lost each time we schedule tweets.

We have therefore decided to only re-tweet one photo for each follower each day, so that everyone gets the chance for their photos to be re-tweeted. However, we don’t want to miss out on sightings so we have set up a secondary account, @wildlife_uk2, which will be tweeting all photos sent to it. The hope is that between the two accounts we will be able to cope with the number of tweets. It would be fantastic if followers could help by sending only one photo each day to @wildlife_uk and adding any additional photos to @wildlife_uk2

We also have a @bestofwildlife account which tweets the most popular photos from our main account (over 60 re-tweets and favourites), as well as smaller accounts that re-tweet all sightings sent in:

Birds of Prey: @birdsofprey_uk

Invertebrate Sightings: @invertebrate_uk

Mammal Sightings: @mammals_uk

Bird Sightings: @wildlife_birds

Reptile and Amphibian Sightings: @reptiles_uk

Plant Sightings: @plants_uk


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